REPORT: Border officers intercept truck coming across border with huge liquid meth load worth millions [PHOTO]


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    Crime Archives – Page 4 of 10 – Godfather Politics – Nancy Pelosi wants an open border. Let’s send her a message! Purchase a mini-brick and we’ll send it to Nancy! We hope to get hundreds of thousands of mini-bricks to build a toy wall in her office! We want to keep her there until she agrees to support President Trump’s border wall! We understand why illegal aliens want to live and work in.

    Iraq-Iran Deja Vu: An Interview with Jacob Hornberger (audio) – The Future of Freedom Foundation Tag Archive for Future of Freedom Foundation. Candid interviews with retired CIA personnel and deep research into declassified records illuminate an untold story: the As Jacob Hornberger notes in his blog for The Future of Freedom Foundation, this very basic question about the assassination of.

     · Terror from skies as Mexican cartel attaches bomb to drone

    The Center for Security Policy, a think tank that routinely partners with prominent Republican politicians, including many of the current presidential contenders, is defending the arrest of 14.

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    The country’s 600 miles of remote, porous border abutting Mexico made it an ideal overland entry point for narcotics. Drug runners could land multiton cocaine loads from Colombia at remote jungle airstrips in northern Guatemala and truck them across the border; at least 125 road entries allow vehicles to pass without inspection.